School camps

School camp in the Archipelago

The nature and sea of the archipelago as well as the cultural heritage stemming from the ages of the Vikings form a unique frame for school camping. We have already 12 years of experience of arranging camps in the archipelago. There are several different options for having a camp.

1) Traditional school camp, where the programme for the week is a combination of excursions and programmes. The school selects the most interesting of available programmes, and a schedule for the week is composed. For excursions or trips a suitable boat or bus is selected, saving in costs.

2) Nature school programmes are designed by nature school leaders. The nature school leader is with the group during the whole camp and is responsible for the execution of the programme. The learning happens by doing and experiencing things in the nature.

3) A combination of the above. The nature school programmes can be combined with field trips and programme services. We form the week’s programme based on your wished.


A school camp in the archipelago is a memory for life!

More information on the Nature School website!