Archipelago Booking of Finland

Opening Hours: må-fre kl 9.00-16.00

Easter fri-mon closed


Pirjo Hoffström, Managing director
E-mail: pirjo.hoffstrom (at) archipelagobooking (.) fi

Rasmus Hoffström
Sofia Saarinen
Suvi Anttinen
Camilla Grönqvist
Heidi Granqvist
Johanna Puotunen (on maternity leave)



Nauvo Post office

Opening hours

Monday-Friday 8-17,

Monday-Thursday 8-17,
Friday 8-16.30

A post office managed by the Archipelago Booking of Finland. In addition to the goods and services by the Finnish post office, Posti, we sell paper supplies, gifts, jewellery, books and there is also a large variety of post cards and greeting cards. You can also find some interior design items, pet food and supplies and also flowers and plants.