Karlot – Our New Cottage in Houtskär

Now here is a cottage with a big C! Newly added to our catalogue, Karlot is a cozy traditional log cottage with amazing archipelago views. This 5 person cottage has a WC, a cute little wood stove sauna and plenty of deck to admire the views from. You can reach the cottage by car and […]

Book Your Fishing Holiday Now!

Fall fishing season is just around the corner and if you want to make sure you get the cottage you want for your fishing holiday, now is high time make bookings! Get to know our selection here, or contact us and we will be happy to help you find the right cottage! If you are […]

Archipelago Trail – Open until September 1st

Probably one of the most beautiful scenic routes of Finland, our circular Archipelago Trail awaits visitors until September 1st. With shorter ferry cues, less traffic and fewer travelers you’ll get a real dose of relaxation on the trail in August. You’ll also have more options accommodation wise. With 8 ferry crossings, many scenic bridges, cozy […]

Night of Ancient Bonfires

August 31st we celebrate the Night of Ancient Bonfires by lighting bonfires and campfires, candles, lanterns etc. at our waterside cottages. A lot of communities also arrange activities and festivities during the day and evening, which you can enjoy with your whole family. Come on down to the Turku Archipelago, rent a cottage (affordably in […]

Affordable Cottage Prices in August

As Finnish clients return to school and work after July, the prices of cottage rentals decrease notably while the summer still gives us plenty on warmth, sunshine and beauty. So why not take advantage of lower prices and head on down to our beautiful, rugged, serene Turku Archipelago and spend the week or weekends bathing […]