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Welcome to a world of sailing and adventure on our sheltered archipelago sea! 

Book your ticket on a historical wooden ship or a traditional archipelago sailing boat. You can arrange an unforgettable party, wedding or get together on our vessels. 

COVID-19: The pandemic is still affecting the sailing season of 2021. We recommend booking vessels for one group at a time. On our public sails, tickets are available  according to COVID restrictions. 

Introduction: Storbåt Tacksamheten


Storbåt Tacksamheten is a traditional but new wooden sailing boat, with a true vintage feel but certain crucial uppgrades and modifications. This old time vessel is great for transporting people and goods steadily across the Archipelago sea. During the summer, Nauvo is the home of Tacksamheten, with longer sails the starting point is often in Korpo. 

Tacksamheten has been modeled after a work boat built in 1825 in Nauvo, and was also called Tacksamheten. In addition to sails, the boat is equipped with an electric motor. The waste water tank and filtering system make the boat very environmentally friendly. 

The boat is registered for 12 persons and 2-3 crew members. Additional information at Tacksamhetens homepage.

Tacksamheten’s Booking Terms

Tacksamhetens sails

Introduction: Yacht Eugenia

This atmospheric sailing yacht is a replica modeled after the original 1879 built yacht Eugenia which sailed the Baltic sea until 1951. It is very much like the original, except for motors which enable the yacht to do public sails and allow for more flexibility in relation to wind conditions and weather. 

Take a ride into history from Kasnäs harbor or Kalkholmen, in Kemiönsaari. Buy a ticket to a public sail or book the entire vessel for a public cruise. 

Eugenia can take a maximum of 25 passengers. In the cabin, there is seating for 13-15 people, 9 beds and a little kitchenette. Toilet and running water onboard. 
General information:  The ship is furnished in a simple, rustic style and is very homey and atmospheric. 

Sails of Yach Eugenia

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