Island of Kemiö

Through the Island of Kemiö: Archipelago, gardens and Dalsbruk

The route for this trip to the Kemiö Island, the second largest island in Finland, goes through Halikko and by ferry to Kokkila. The first sight to visit is the renowned Wersters garden, which is also called an oasis for the body and soul. The products of the garden can be bought at the garden’s shop. The garden also hosts exhibitions and concerts. The hostess presents the garden and you can have a cup of coffee. In Kemiö town centre you will visit the stone church from the middle ages, after which the bus takes you towards Kasnäs and the guide tells you about the sights on the way. On the way you will cross the Lövö bridge, where we have a wonderful view of the archipelago. Once in Kasnäs, buffet lunch is served at the restaurant. After lunch, there is a possibility to strech one’s legs while looking at the boats in the harbour, making purchases in the crafts shops or jewellers or having a look in the Blue Mussel visitor centre.

After that the tour continues to the Söderlångvik manor, where you can make admire the art collections of Amos Anderson as well as the surroundings. Anderson created his own paradise and the manor was visited by presidents and royalty alike. In the manor’s shop you can buy vegetables grown at the farm, and in the late summer you can also buy apples from the large plantations. You can enjoy your afternoon coffee at the summer café that has been decorated into one of the barns. At the way back the bus goes along the beatiful lake shore of Dragsfjärd. The way from Kemiö Island is either via the Strömma canal towards Helsinki or over the Pungböle bridge towards Turku.

Groupsize: 30-50 people. If you have a smaller group, ask for an offer.
Duration: 7-8 h
Price:  47 € / person
The price includes: guidance and entry fees, lunch buffet and VAT. Group leader service is free of charge if more than 30 participants.

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The Lighthouse of Bengtskär

An unforgettable journey trough the archipelago to the territorial waters of Finland, where the lighthouse of Bengtskär, the tallest one in the Nordic countries, rises its tower from the waves of the Baltic sea. At the lighthouse we’ll learn, through guidance and exhibitions, the interesting history of the place. We’ll eat a tasty lighthouse-lunch. Our journey will pass trough the calmer waters surrounding the island of Hitis. From time to time bad weather can stop us from getting to Begtskär. In that case we’ll tour the inner islands and see other sights. For our experienced skipper the safety of his passengers comes first. In connection to this trip it’s possible to organise a visit to the nature centre Blue Mussle in Kasnäs, or the spa* or even the Vikingcentre of Rodeborg in Rosala*.

Description: Recreational excursion
Groupsize: 30-50 persons
Duration: 5 h
Time: May – October
Price: From 62 € / person
Including: Lunch, transports by charterboat, entrance fees, guidance and VAT.

*separet fees, ask for a tender.

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The Viking Sacrificial Feast

An exciting sacrificial feast is organised in the Viking Chieftain Hall. The dinner is served on wooden plates by the fire and you drink from pottery. What’s left of the dinner will be sacrificed to the Gods, but to be on the safe side the guests also get a blessing in the Chapel. The dusk, old poetry and axethrowing are some of the surprises the programme has to offer.

Description: recreational excursion
Groupsize: 20-30 persons.
Duration: 5 h
Time: May-October
Price: from 59 € / person
Including: entrance fees and guidance in the Viking centre, the feast, return by charter boat from Kasnäs to Rosala and back, and VAT

It is also possible to organise a Chief feast for a group of 85 people or less, including Viking outfits at a price of 74 € / person.

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Amos, Sagalund and a Heart of Iron

During this cultural day on the Kemiö island we will get to know the summer manor of Amos Andersson in Söderlångvik, the local history museum of Sagalund and the industrial community of Dalsbruk. We will get to know this famous artlovers life works and see his art collections, travel back in time and strike acquaintance with the works of Dalsbruk. Sagalund is one of the largest and oldest open-air museums of Finland. In the park of Sagalund we find old houses as a district court house from the 18th century and a school from the 17th century, herbal gardens, perennials and a historic rosegarden. During the day it is also possible to buy local arts and crafts and in autumn also the famous apples of the estate.

Description: recreational excursion for busgroups
Groupsize: 30-50 persons
Duration: 7 h
Time: All year round
Price: from 38 € / person
Including: entrance fees, lunch, coffee, guide and VAT.

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Following the Viking Trail

An adventurous excursion for groups who want to learn about the history and nature of the outer archipelago islands. The first stop is Kasnäs, where we will visit the nature centre Blue Mussle. After that, we will take the ferry M/S Aura to the legendary islands of Hitis and Rosala. There we will visit the Viking Centre, the old church of Hitis and executions post as well as hear stories from the archipelago. During the excursion you will have time to buy smoked fish, dark bread and crafts.

Description: recreational excursion
Groupsize: 30-50 persons
Duration: 8 h
Time:Whole year round
Price: from 45 € / person
Including: transports by boat, lunch, entrance fees, coffee, guide and VAT.

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Sailing Through the Olden Times

The traditional sailing yacht Eugenia takes us on a journey in the atmosphere of the old times. The sea wind take on the sails just as well now as they did before, and the heaviest work we leave to the crew. As guest you are welcome to participate in the work, learn some sailing techniques and the history of sailing in the archipelago area. You are as welcome just to lay down on deck and enjoy the breeze. We’ll be served a fish lunch in Kasnäs. The trip can be combined with for example a visit to the spa. From this sailing trip you’ll return feeling a new person!

Description: Sea excursion
Eugenia 15-33
4-5 h
Price: from 72 € / person
Cruise, lunch; buffet with fish, VAT.
Invite tenders!

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The Charming Söderlångvik – Glistening Kasnäs

The journey starts at the arrival in Kemiö Island, where we pick up the local guide. The bus heads to the southern part of this second largest island in Finland. The first sight is Söderlångvik manor, which was the summer manor of Amos Anderson. Amos was originally from the Kemiö Island, and was able to raise a large fortune and, among other things, started the newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet. At his summer manor he had many renowned guests, but he was also a patron of the arts. The art collections at Söderlångvik are quite interesting. There has been many different kinds of trees planted on the grounds and the greenhouses and apple plantations produce local fruits and vegetables, which can be bought at the manor’s shop. You can get acquainted with the manor and then have a cup of coffee at the summer café, which has a sales display nearby with products from local craftsmen.

The journey continues towards Kasnäs, where the road takes us over the new Lövö bridge, where the view over the archipelago is magnificent. In Kasnäs the buffet lunch is served at the restaurant. You can look at the glistening sea and afterwards look upon the glistening jewels of the jewellery Taalintehtaan kulta. There is a possibility to purchase affordable jewels in the factory shop or the shops in the harbour. You can also visit the Blue Mussle visitor centre, which has exhibits about the archipelago national park.  

Duration: 5-6 h.
Price: 39 € / person

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The Two Churches in Västanfjärd and the Iron Works of Dalsbruk

The programme starts as the guide is picked up in Kemiö Island. The journey takes us to the beatiful town of Västanfjärd where you can get acquainted with two interesting churches. The old wooden church from the 18th century speaks about a time when the main source of income in the area was trading by sea using small, locally owned, vessels. The new church, built in a national romantic style in 1912, is a stately building and reminds us a bit of a castle. Lunch is enjoyed at Villa Felix in the vicinity of the churches.

The journey continues to the historical town of Dalsbruk, which has grown around the iron works since the 17th century. We will visit the iron works museum, which portrays the lodgings of the factory workers in three different periods in time, the ruins of the old blast furnace and the renowned charcoal ovens, which are the best preserved group of ovens. The guided tour is enriched by the tales of the iron masters and choise bits of local humour. The sailing ships from Västanfjärd often sailed in the harbour in Dalsbruk loaded with iron or iron ore. On the tour you can also see the quite special lofthouses, which have worked as lodging for the workers. Afternoon coffee is served close to the harbour at Strandhotellet.

Duration: approx. 5 h.
Price: 36 € / person

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Mathildedal Ironworks and the Sagalund Museum

The day begins in Meriteijo, where a local guide wishes you welcome and introduces to you the ironworks village of Mathildedal and its history, starting from the 19th century. You will see the beautiful houses painted in red ochre, the mansions and old factory buildings enveloped by beautiful nature and the sea. We will also get aquainted with the alpacas grazing in the area. Lunch will be served at Ruukin Krouvi, which is situated in an old factory building which was used to quench iron. From Mathildedal we will continue to Kemiö island, crossing the Strömma canal. A local guide will be waiting by the medieval gray stone church of Kemiö. We will explore this historical church and take a small bus tour around Kemiö center, with Sagalund museum as the final stop. Over 50 old buildings from Kemiö island have be gathered to Sagalund and the museum maintains an important cultural heritage. There is an opportunity for souvenir shopping at the old-time shop. Afternoon coffee will be served in the atmospheric Cafe Adèle.

Duration: approx. 6.5 hours

Price: from 39 €/ person

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