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Following the White-tailed Eagle

The archipelago in the Baltic Sea between Åland and mainland Finland is one of the largest archipelagos in the world. The National Park includes more than 2,000 islands and rocky islets shaped by waves and the ice sheet during the Ice Age.

Saving the white-tailed eagle is a success story of the Archipelago National Park. This great bird almost vanished in the 1970 with only 5-6 nesting couples but has increased to over 300 nestings this year thanks to protection work. The white-tailed eagle is the largest breeding bird in Finland and the whole of Northern Europe: its wingspan can be as wide as 2.5 metres and it can weigh 7 kg.

Come and join us for a day tour in the white-tailed eagles home environment. You will learn about the wildlife in the archipelago with help of an experienced nature guide and can try to spot these great birds that frequently fly over the islands. We will visit a local fishing village and have a delicious meal there, and take a walk on a nature path learning about the traces of the Ice Age 10.000 years ago, still visible on the bare rock surface of the islands.

Tour operator price 75 € /person for groups 6-20 persons.

Duration 4 hours

This day tour can easily be combined to a multi-day package in the Finnish Archipelago Sea.

Booking of accommodation, tours and excursions in the archipelago of South-Western Finland and Åland islands.

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Nature- and Fishing Trip to the Island of Stenskär

Programme: Stenskär belongs to Nagu and lies in the sea of Gullkrona, in the national park of the archipelago. On this outer island people still live off fishing and the guests of the island are offered fresh fish. On the excursion of Stenskär you learn about the nature and culture of the island under the guidance of a nature guide and you are also invited to join a local fisherman when he goes trough the nets and collects the catch. For lunch we’ll have newly smoked fish. The afternoon is spent on the deserted neighbouring island, were you are left to enjoy the calm and the small wonders of nature.

Programme description: Nature- and wilderness excursion
Time: 1.5 – 15.10.
Duration: 8 h
Group: Max 15 – 25 persons.
Price: from 75 eur/person
The price includes: Boat transport round trip from Kirjais to Stenskär, programme, lunch, guidance, picnic-coffee and VAT.
Supplemental services: On order also accommodation in cottages or residential study centre. Sauna. Invite tenders!

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Wilderness Course in the Archipelago

Programme: With the guidance of a wilderness guide we get to know the most important survival knowledge; orienteering, How to build a camp, necessary equipment, clothing, what to do if you lose your way etc. In addition to that we’ll learn which plants are eatable and finally we make a dinner over a bonfire. Enjoy a day in the wilderness by the sea together with e.g. your workmates.

Programme description: Nature- and wilderness excursion
Time: 1.5-30.10
6-8 h
Group: 10 – 20 persons
from 88 eur /person
The price includes: the services of a wilderness guide, materials, food and coffee, VAT.
Supplemental services: On order over night stay in cottages or residential study centre. Sauna. Invite tenders for your group!

The nature school of the archipelago, which works in co-operation with the Archipelago booking of Finland, has a 18-year experience in making nature inspired archipelago programmes for both youngsters and grownups. In addition to camp schools and nature excursions we offer different programme packages; paddling, survival courses etc. These programmes are also suitable for recreational days for companies. We work with the beautiful nature of the archipelago, the national park of the archipelago area and other co-operations.

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