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Archipelago Booking of Finland’s office, situated beside the Archipelago Trail, at the address Rantapolku 1. In the same building we have a post office, as well as a stationery shop with books, gift items, handicrafts, souvenirs and of course – maps. We have a NetTicket ticket machine and you can buy tickets to cruises and concerts. We also provide a free internet connection for your conveniance. 

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Nagu is located in the center of the world’s greatest and most beautiful archipelago with brackish water. The archipelago comprises more than 100 000 islands including the archipelago of Stockholm, Åland islands and the islands north of Estonia. Nagu offers the traveller good opportunities to enjoy their vacation to the fullest – you can just relax and eat well and for the active traveller there are activities like fishing, hiking, paddling and of course sailing.

Every seasons has its’ own charm. During spring and autumn, the ones interested in fishing, can go fishing by net or spinning. In the winter, ice fishing is very popular. If you are interested in picking mushrooms or berries, you can fill your basket even just along the marked nature trails. The outer archipelago is a paradise for bird watchers during spring and fall migrations. If we are blessed with a cold winter, rich of snow, you can enjoy the fresh archipelago air by skiing and ice skating. Not to forget just enjoying the beautiful landscapes! Accommodation can be arranged all year round, in either cottages, hotels or bed&breakfast’s.

With a little luck, you can spot some of the world’s finest yachts, fast catamarans and traditional old sailing ships in the guest harbour of Nagu. The cruising ship Kristina Brahe enables you to make a trip to Helsinki or Savonlinna, for example, straight from Nagu. The public ferries and the yellow ferries take you to 50 different harbours in the archipelago.

Points of Interest

Sjöfartshuset i Nagu (maritime exhibition)

Adress: Kyrkostigen 3 (guest harbour)

St. Olofs medievan church in Nagu

Nagu church is a grey stone church built in the early 13th century. The church possesses one of the few historical organs still used by assemblies in Finland. It was built by Olof Schwan in the 16th century. Events like the St Olof days are held in Nagu church. Discover also the St. Olofs Waterway!

Fagerlund’s Tractor Museum

Open in June and July on Saturdays between 8 -14. Other times by agreement, even on short notice. Entrance fee: 4€, children under 6 years free of charge. Groups, min. 12 persons, 3€/person.

Phone: +358 40 8447400. Address: Norrstrandsv. 1092, 21600 Nagu

Guest Harbour

The guest harbour of Nagu is one of the most popular guest harbours in the whole archipelago. The harbour is put in to motion in the summer season when local people, boat tourists and other holiday spenders gather just to have a coffee or to grab a bite at some of the restaurants in the harbour. There are also several small shops and sheds in the guest harbour that sell handcraft, clothes and souvenirs.

Look at the guest harbour’s web page 



Själö is an island of great natural beauty just north of Kirkonkylä in Nagu. The island’s interesting history origins from the 15th century, when king Gustav II Adolf decided to send people ill with leprosy to thsi isolated island. Today, the Archipelago Research Institute works in the facilities. Despite its depressing history, the island is a beautiful sight with its flowering meadows and the old wooden church.

The public ferry ms Östern operates daily between Kirkonkylä and Seili (about 30 minutes’ trip).


Nötö is an island located in the outer archipelago of Nauvo, between Nauvo and Jurmo, and it is a part of the Archipelago National Park. The island is one of the largest in the national park, approximately 3,5 km long. There are some well preserved buildings left on the island – for example the old chapel from the late 16th century and the old wind mill – from the time when there still was a village community on the island. Read about the island here.


The island Borstö belongs to Nauvo and has a surface of 40 hectare. The island is about 1 km long and 1,5 km wide, located between Vänö and Jurmo, southeast from Nötö. The first human known on Borstö was a farmer who moved there in the 1740’s. During the past centuries, many ships have sinked in the waters around Borstö. There is a museum on the island that shows objects that have been saved from these ships, and also things that give an account of the past times on Borstö.


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