Nature, History and a Fortress

Everything in Finland is quite small, this is a small country with a relatively short civilized history and few people. This is part of our charm.

Örö fortress island does not have lofty stone walls or fancy castles. It has old army barracks, trenches, miles of nature paths, unassuming landscapes, a few canons, simple food and a terrace by the sea. It is one of our most notable tourist islands, and well worth the visit.

You can get there on a number of motor ships, but we recommend using a real sailing vessel. Yacht Eugenia was made close by in Kimito; it is a typical archipelago yacht, a replica of a 1879 built vessel, a local effort completed in 2000. Since 2005 it has been taking tourists to Örö island, 10 years before the island was opened to the public and no longer served as a military base.

Örö island has a history spanning hundreds of years to the time of the Russian tzars. The cobble roads there where built by prisoners. Long before, the island was uninhabited and only cattle was brought to graze there, no one slept on the island as it was considered haunted. Today there are many different accommodations on the island, ranging from a hotel built into one of the old barracks to hostel and cottage accommodation. There is are also two restaurants on the island.

Guided tours take you through the islands history and nature. Sea eagles are a common sight on the island and the canons are interesting.

Come join us on a day adventure aboard Yacht Eugenia!

Tickets EUR 60/adult, 4-12 year-old EUR 30

Departures on Tuesdays June 28 – 9 August, also Wednesdays in July
From Kasnäs harbor, in Kimito (Kemiönsaari)

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Rental cottage on Örö, old bakery
Want to take a turn at the wheel?