Pargas & archipelago

From island to island in Turku Archipelago in 2 days

An extremely popular route, The Archipelago Trail, will transport you across 12 bridges and 8 ferries from the beginning of June until the end of August. During the excursion you’ll see magnificent landscapes, historic churches and sights, picturesque villages and the delicacies and arts and crafts of the Archipelago. Our knowledgeable guide will tell you the most recent information and interesting stories. In May and September the tour programme will be adapted according to the  ferry timetables, so that the route is slightly different. Spring is the time of awakening after winter and many different migrating birds arrive. In autumn you can experience the colorful autumn foliage – ruska.

Groupsize: 30 – 50 persons
Duration: 2 days: 10 + 6 h
Time: May  – September 2019
Price: 2 days from 148 € / person
Including:  ferry charges, 2 lunches, entrance fees, 2 coffees, guide for both days, hotel accommodations for the night in double rooms, breakfast and VAT.

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The Archipelago Trail Shortcut

On the trip we make acquaintance with the old city of Naantali, drive via the fishing region of Rymättylä, and make an hour long seatrip, by ferry, to Nauvo. We visit the boutiques in the harbour of Nauvo and other sights. We also visit a historic church either in Naantali or Nauvo. The trail can be made in both directions. You can also add the Louhisaari Manor, the birthplace of the renowned Marshal Mannerheim, as a sight to visit. The programme will be planned according to the ferry’s time table and the customers wishes. Another possible place to visit, which can be added to the programme, is the Herring Tradition Centre Dikseli in Rymättylä.

Group size: 30-50 ppl. Also smaller groups according to separate offer.
May 18th – September 2nd
Duration: approx. 6,5 h
Price: starting from 47 € / person
Includes: Tickets for ferry, the service of the archipelago-guide, lunch, afternoon coffee and bun, entrance fees and VAT

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Following in the Footsteps of Runeberg

We’ll get to the know the national poet of Finland, J.L. Runeberg trough the home of his youth, Parainen. We visit the Fredrikacottage, stroll the old streets of Gamla Malmen and see the old grey stone church of St Simon from the 14th century. We’ll have lunch and a coffee break.

The Fredrikacottage gets its name from the wife of Runeberg, Fredrika Tengström. After the Turku fire in 1827 she moved into that very cottage with her mother. The furnishing is late 1800’s. Gamla Malmen is the historic centre of Parainen. It is an old marketplace with old wooden houses. Gamla Malmen and the medieval church make an important cultural heritage. In the churches garden there is also a chapel named after the first archbishop of Finland, bishop Tengström. It was built in the early 1800 by 18th century traditions. The chapel of blessings represents the functional style and suits it surroundings well. The chapel is said to be a prework to the ressurectionchapel of Turku.

Groupsize: 25-35 persons
Duration: 5 h
Price: from 32 € / person
Including: Coffee, Lunch, Archipelago guide, visits and VAT. Driver for free as well as the groupleader in groups exceeding 40 persons.

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Harvest Times

We start by getting to know the Stentorp sheepfarm on the Kirjala island. The owner of Stentorp, Jill Von Weymarn has Finnish countrybreed sheep. In the cellar we will have a look at an handicraft exhibition, buy ecological Stentorp products, wool sweaters, sailing jackets, sheep leather vests, wool thread and sheep hides. The pattern of the clothing is based on mythological tales and the surrounding nature. We’ll enjoy some pie of lamb and coffee.

We continue to Cigar Factory J. Sunqvist. We’ll strike aquintence with the only cigar factory in Finland and during this visit we shall follow the making of the cigars from the leaf to the finished product.

A tour of the capital of the archipelago, Parainen, will be followed by lunch at restaurant Malmen, with its fantastic sea-view. On the return trip we’ll visit Tammiluoto vineyard in Lemlax, where we are welcome to buy gifts and taste the products of the vineyard

Groupsize: 30-50 persons
Duration: 6 h
Price: from 35 € / person
Including: Coffee, pie of lamb, lunch, archipelago guide, visits, entrance fees and VAT. Free driver and free for the groupleader in groups exceeding 40 persons.

Winetasting separately: 3 different types of wines for 9 € Which should be ordered at the time of the booking of the trip.

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Delicacies of the Archipelago

The delicacies of the archipelago, fresh vegetables, potatoes and fish, fruits, berries and lovely pastries form a base for a food trip in the archipelago that flatters your taste nerves. Our professional guides gives you an insight to the good foods and recepie´s backgrounds. Your appetite grows in the fresh air of the archipelago. Join us and get to know the archipelago food culture. The trip begins with a visit to the well-known café-bakery Naantalin Aurinkoinen in Naantali. There You can buy delicious pastries, buns and bread. The guide tells us about the famous Naantali gingerbread. The trip continues to Rymättylä where we enjoy a delicate archipelago lunch at the atmospheric Restaurant Pohjankulma, which is situated in an old school building. From here we can buy archipelago loaf (dark bread). We travel further with a connection boat to Nagu. In Nagus harbour you can purchase e.g. smoked fish, vegetables and archipelago loaf. On the way back to Turku we stop at Fredrikastugan in Pargas and drink coffe and eat Runebergstårta. Johan Ludvig Runebergs wife, Fredrika Tengström, lived here when she was young. We also visit Axo bakery and Tammiluoto vineyard.

Groupsize: 30-50 persons
Duration: 9h
Price: 45 € / person
Including: Lunch, afternoon coffee, boat tickets, guide services and VAT. The buss rent is not included.

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A Day in Kustavi

A guided shopping trip to Kustavi to enjoy the work of local artisans, good food and archipelago culture.

The day starts with morning coffee in the Kustavi Artisan Village, where purchases can also be made. Next we travel by bus through the archipelago’s beautiful countryside to the center of Kustavi. The center has several handiracraft stores to explore.

We will also visit the Kustavi church. We will continue along the old mail route to Vousnainen, which is situated on the second biggest island in Kustavi. A short crossing will be made with Finland’s biggest cable ferry. Lunch will be served at Vuosnaisten meriasema, after which we will visit the Kustavi archipelago museum. Next we will return back to the center. (A visit to Jeremia’s caves, steep rock formations and boulders, under which different passages can be found. The view from the top of the rocks is wonderful. Note! Do not wear slippery shoes.) Finally, coffee will be served and the journery home begins.

Duration: approx. 6 h

Price: from 39 €/person

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