Yacht Eugenia

Step onboard adventure on traditional sailing ship Yacht Eugenia! Our crew will introduce you to this magical way of travel and provide you with the opportunity to take part in the actual sailing. You can help hoist the sails and even try your hand at steering the ship.

Experience the special moment when the engines turn off, the wind catches the sails, and the ship glides effortlessly across the water. Just listen to swell of the waves, the whisper of the wind and the cracking of the ropes. You’ll have the perfect opportunity to observe birds, wildlife, and beautiful archipelago scenery without distractions or disturbances.

During the journey our crew will also serve lunch which is traditional archipelago fish soup and some refreshments in the form of buns, coffee, and juice.

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Sailing Adventure to Örö Fortress Island 2020

Join us on an old-time sailing adventure into Finland’s military history! We will be visiting the fortress island of Örö, in the archipelago of Turku. The island is unique in both its fragile nature and long history as a military fortress. The island’s history as a fortress began under Russian rule during 1910’s, as part of Peter the Great’s marine fortifications and has been used by the military ever since. Military operations on the island have created ideal conditions for many rare species of flora and fauna. The island was opened to the public in 2015 and is now part of the Archipelago Sea National Park.

Yach Eugenia is a copy of an actual vessel built on Bolax island and sailed 1879-1951.

Departures from Kasnäs on Thursdays 2 July – 13 August, 2020

Departure from Kasnäs at 10.00 am
Return arrival 5.00 pm

Adults Eur 60/person, children 4-12 years olf Eur 30, children under 4 years old free of charge.
Includes: Sailing program, fish soup lunch, coffee & bun, entry to the canons, guided tour of Örö

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Storbåt Tacksamheten

Storbåt Tacksamheten is a traditional, sailing work boat. This old time vessel is great for transporting people and goods safely and steadily across the Archipelago sea. Tacksamheten has been modeled after a boat built in 1825 in Nauvo, and was also called Tacksamheten. In addition to sails, the boat is equipped with an electric motor. The waste water tank and filtering system make the boat very environmentally friendly.  The boat is registered for 12 persons and 2-3 crew members. Additional information at Tacksamhetens homepage.

Idyllic Outer Archipelago: Gullkrona ja Brännskär

Gullkrona and Brännskär are both among the most beloved guest harbors in our archipelago. Their nostalgic old-time atmosphere with red boathouses, cottages and windmills takes you back to simpler times. The islands offer varying scenery on their nature paths and sheep and chickens run free. There is an hour sail from one island to the other and you’ll have time to take in your surroundings at your own pace. Both islands have a cafe with lunch available.

Departure from Nauvo, the Eastern peninsula at Kirjais, 3 km from Kirjais village.

July 7,8,9 2020
Departure at 9 am.
Return arrival at 5 pm.

Eur 70/person. Children Eur 35 (ages 12 and up)

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Sail & Camp: Archipelago National Park, 2020

Take this unique opportunity to explore the difficult-to-reach ruggedly beautiful islands of the outer archipelago!

The wooden sailing boat Storbåt Tacksamheten will take you from Korpoström (Korppoo, Parainen) to the twin islands of Konunskär and Birsskär, which are part of the Archipelago Sea National Park. The islands are connected by a wooden bridge, and are a great example of  beauty found in the outer archipelago. You will camp on the islands and explore at your own pace.

Departures from Korpoström
6-7 & 13-14 June

EUR 100/person incl. sailing, lunch, supper, breakfast and snack with coffee/tea
NOTE! Bring your own camping gear and tent

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Chartered cruises with Tacksamheten

Experience the traditional way of sailing with a  wooden sailing boat. You can charter the whole boat with crew for your family or  your friends for an affordable price of EUR 350 for a tour of 3 hours from Nauvo.

Max. number of passangers: 12

The vessel is great for small bachelor parties, birthdays, business recreation etc. Book your own sailing adventure!

Ride the Swan

You can now experience the classic S&S Swan 43 sailing boat, built for racing. The boat has excellent sailing properties and is easy and safe to handle. Prior sailing experience is not necessary, for the boat always has a skipper. You can, however, participate in the steering and handling of the boat. Departure from Nauvo or Airisto.

The boat is ready to sail from May 7th onwards.


The boat works best with 6 passangers. During day trips 8 passangers can board the boat. During short events a maximum of 12 people may board, but when bad wheather strikes it will be cramped in the boat. Accomodation onboard is possible for 5 people + skipper. The boat has 2 liferafts for 12 passangers. Life vests for everyone. There is a toilet, refrigerator, a cooker, and altogether 8 beds with 4 in the salon.

5 Hour Sail minim. EUR 600

The trip lasts altogether 4 hours, from which 1 hour is spent in preparation and landing.

Whole day 8 h of sailing from EUR 800

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Galley Albanus

Albanus is a traditional Finnish sailing vessel built of local pine tree at the Åland Islands. Albanus is a two masted scooner, and the local name of this ship type is “galeas”. She was launched in Mariehamn in 1988. Albanus is a replica of a ship built in 1908 wearing the same name. She is owned and operated by the Ship Association Albanus.

Albanus has room for 42 passengers. The ship has sleeping space for 21 guests and a well equipped kitchen.

The port of departure is Turku, Nauvo or Mariehamn

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