Travel Agency & Shop

The Finnish Archipelago is a special kind of place; unassuming, humble, rugged and lush at the same time. People have been living off the sea and land of our vast island regions for ages, making ends meet with creative and imaginative ways.

One important livelihood today is tourism, travel and accommodation. Many local farmers own cottages that bring in additional income during the summer months and fishing season during spring and fall. Our company has grown to help tourists find the accommodations and services our little islands have to offer.

We have been doing this since the 80’s and many things have changed since then. Big online booking agencies make it now easy to book cottages and packages directly and travel information is much more readily available, than before.

There is still a place for us in the economy. We know our islands, the challenges and the gems of this region. We will serve you with understanding, personality and flair. We will find what you are looking for, and if we cannot, we will refer you on to others who can.

In addition to our travel agency, we also have a local Archipelago Shop & Post office in Nauvo: Saaristo Shop

Saaristo Shop & Post Office

Our local shop is located right in the middle of Nauvo village, and here you can find souvenirs and gifts to bring home with you. Our travel agency’s office is located at the same address, but we can serve you online or over the phone.

Rantapolku 1
21660 Nauvo

Summer opening hours – June to August
Mon-Fri: 8-17
July Saturdays: 10-15
Other Saturdays and Sundays: CLOSED

Winter opening hours
Mon-Thu: 8-17
Fri: 8-16.30
Sat & Sun: CLOSED