Turku & archipelago

From Kultaranta – Following in the Footsteps of Mannerheim

We will spend the day getting to know the presidents summerhouse, Kultaranta, and touring the historic sights of the city of Naantali. We’ll visit the castle of Villnäs, which is the birthplace of marshal Mannerheim. In between the interesting guidance we will have a mouth-watering lunch. If you wish, the tour can be extended to two days. The second day can be combined with one of our other group excursions

Groupsize: 30-50 persons. Duration: 7-8 h
Time: 1.5.-31.8. (not available on Mondays)
Price: from 40 € / person
Including: Lunch, entrance fees, guidance and VAT

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Historic Turku and the Small Archipelago Trail

A group excursion to our country’s first capital, Turku, and its surrounding archipelago. The excursion can be made in one or two days.

Day 1 We will get to know the historic Turku, which is the oldest city of Finland. We will visit the castle of Turku, the maritime centre Forum Marinum and the museum Aboa vetus & Ars nova.
At arrival in Turku, the guide will join in at a agreed place. A small tour of the centre of Turku shows us the surroundings. We continue to the port of Turku and to the 1.5 hours guided tour of the castle of Turku.
Then we continue to Forum Marinum where we will take part of the navigational history during 1.5 hours. Lunch will be served at restaurant Daphne with a view of the full-rigger sailing ship Suomen Joutsen and the Aura river. For an extra fee you’re invited to visit the old boats of the museum.
We continue by bus to the museum of Aboa vetus & Ars nova, where we shall learn about the old Turku at the site of archaeological excavations. We can also visit the Ars nova exhibition of modern art to balance the old and the new followed by a coffee break and the finishing of the tour.

Description: recreational excursion with an historic point of view
Groupsize: 30-50 persons
Duration: approx. 8 h
Time: All year round (not available on Mondays)
Price: Historic Turku from 49 € / person
Including: Guide, entrance fees, coffee, lunch, VAT.

2 day excursion

The first-day-programme as above, but the trip is continued by bus to the city of Parainen. We have dinner at restaurant Kakluuni. Accommodation by the sea in Åbolands folkhögskola in double rooms. After breakfast we tour the capital of the archipelago Parainen and visit the limestone mine.
We continue to Nauvo where we will have lunch at hotel Strandbo in the guest harbour. We get to know the medieval church of Nauvo and visit the exhibition of the boat models of Åke Sandvall. Feel free to visit the arts and craft shops in the guest harbour before we board M/S Linta to Rimito. From Rimito we do the journey back to Turku.

Groupsize: 30-50 persons
Duration: 12 + 6 h
May-September (not available on Mondays)
Price: from 120 € / person
Including: guidance, entrance fees, coffee, dinner, breakfast, 2 x lunch, accommodation, ferry transports, VAT.
NB: Not suitable for disabled of physically challenged people.

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1. From Turku to Ruissalo

M/s Ruissalo cruises from Turku (Aura river) to Ruissalo. On the guided tour along the river you will see riverboats, the very old wooden barque ship Sigyn by the Forum Marinum, Turku Castle and the lace villas in Ruissalo. When we arrive to Ruissalo we will visit the national park and enjoy lunch. We will also visit the botanical garden. The trip will take about 4h and of which we are at sea about 1h. The tour is guided. The price for a group of 30 persons is 39€/person.

2. From Turku to Seili

The cruise starts from the shore of the Aura river. During the trip you will se the beautiful lace villas in Ruissalo and the glittering waves of Airisto. We will visit the island Seili, known for being a banishmentplace for leprosy patients as well as a mental institution. At Seili there will be a guided tour and we will visit the museum church. During the trip we will enjoy a salmonfish-soup with coffee and sweets. The trip takes about 6h and price per person is 64€ for a group of 30 persons.

3. A summerday in Airisto

The cruise starts from the shore of the Aura river. During the trip wou will see the beautiful lace villas in Ruissalo, the glittering waves of Airisto and the steep, rocky islands and sandy beaches of Nauvo. Tha daytrips total length is 7-8h of wich we will spend 2h in Nauvo. Price 60€/person when the size of the group is at least 30 persons. The price includes the rent for the boat, food, coffee and sweet and a guided tour in Nauvo.

4. Cruise from Parainen to Nauvo (or the other way round)

Take the searoad instead of the highroad! The bus will take the highroad and during one part of the trip you will visit the sights of Nauvo, the newest one being Hippoglass, Maritime House and the Tractor museum. Lunch, coffee and a guided tour is included in the price of the daytrip. The price for a group of 30-40 persons is 59€/person and groups of 41-50 persons is 54€/person. Ask us for an offer and schedule!

5. Private dinner cruise with m/s Sundbyholm

Starting from Aura river in Turku with m/s Sundbyholm, a three hour dinner cruise, where the guests are served Strandbo Group’s delicious Archipelago buffet.
Price: 1800 € + 40 €/person.
Group size: 20-50 persons

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